Fund raiser

Make it easy for someone to support your club or cause.  
And easy on you too.
You tell us when you want an item available to your audience.  We generate a code for the shopping cart and email it to you.  We can email you a coupon like the one below or just the code and you can use your own design with that coupon code.

You give the coupons to your audience. Tell them you get $1.25 for each book they buy.  They go online and use the coupon code to buy the book at regular price.  We send you $1.25 for every sale using your code.  We mail the book to the buyer.  There is zero cost to you except printing the coupons.   Even that isn’t necessary.  You could just email it or include it in your regular print newsletter or other communication.

We suggest giving an end date for two reasons. 1. A lot of people will simply forget if it is an open ended event.  2.  Bookkeeping - We will write and send one check when it is over.   The one negative to this option is you cannot have your information printed on the books.   1-2 weeks  or less is suggested.

To start:
decide dates
decide if you want the coupon good for one specific book or for any book
e mail us your information and we will reply with a code
create coupons and distribute or just give out code

You can view our retail site here:

Contact us here to start your fund raising

The bulk pages on this site for each book have posters you can print out to help sell and you can use the images on the page also.

Fund Raising  - no up front cost to you

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