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A “greeting book”.  24 pages and the size of a greeting card.  Glossy cover.  Inspirational and motivational including many famous quotes.   Perfect for graduation, leaving for college, moving to a new job, promotion, etc.  Last page blank for giver or reader to write their own words of wisdom.  

Retail on our site = $3.99  They are not
price marked so you can charge any price.
Bulk Prices:

30-99 copies     $1.75 each  

100-499 copies  $1.55 each   

500+              $1.40 each   

Price includes shipping and envelopes

You can add your business name, web site and other info on the back cover at no extra charge.  

After placing your order, email your company info that you want printed on the back cover.   Attach any logo or other image to include.  If we have questions we will contact you and we will send an image of the page with your info for you to OK before we print. Send to: info@glbworld.com

Click for pdf sample of the full book.

Does your organization do fund raising? Check this out.  No out of pocket for you!

If you want a large number and have in house printing or a printer you work with you can lease the file and print as needed and cut your costs.  If you are interested, send an email to info@glbworld.com and let me know you want to print and about how many you are interested in printing over what period of  time.    You’ll have a quote in 24 hours.

Get the poster.  It is formatted for legal (8.5x14) and is a pdf file.

Sell a book for the price of a card!
Value for your customer!