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Super Learning Secrets

A better way to take notes

All the best techniques to learn anything  faster

The best way to learn - and master  math.

What the RAS is and how to use it

Why preview

And how to review to remember things long term

The best way to relax between study

How to schedule to improve learning

Enough learning theory to understand why the techniques work

And much more!

Like all our Simple Quick titles an online source is provided on our retail site for the reader to go deeper into the subject if they wish.  Even if they never use it, they like to know it’s there.  It adds value to the book and to their source for the book, which is you.  It strengthens the bond between you and the customers so they will think of you whenever the think of the products you offer.  

Retail   $5.00

Click here for a pdf copy to browse through.

Ideas for using this SQ book (besides store sales)

1. Free to customer/lead at your office/store
  > for coming in
  > with specific or minimum purchase
  > for trying a service/product (trial)
   > for referring a friend
   > for calling
   > for joining
   > for signing up on your website
      (using a print copy gets you their address as well as email for future contact)
  >  or give to current customers as an appreciation gift.
2.  Give away at college recruitment  fair.
3.  Available with other products for back of room sales after presentation
4.  Give away at free presentation to school, club, library or C of C, reading club, etc.
5.  Use as textbook or additional reading for a study or adult ed  class.
6.  Donate to local school class, church, public TV auction, or other organization for a tax write off and some great PR.
7.  Door to door or front of store fund raising for your club, private school or church.
8.  Make it part of student orientation  pack.
 Tutor? Include in your package/fee

Where this book sells well: student store, drug store, office supply store, computer store

pre-school weeks - any store where parents shop with kids for school supplies or clothing

This book can help you increase sales and increase traffic.  Great for fund raising too. Scroll to bottom for ideas and a free poster.

Want to save more?  Want a lot of copies?  Lease the file and print it in house yourself.  For information email

This poster is yours to use
It was created for 8.5 x 14 (legal size)
It is a pdf file.

Get it without our url.

Does your organization do fund raising?
Check this out.  No out of pocket for

CUSTOMIZE.  The  back cover is blank and you can leave that or you can make it your own.   You might add:
  Your business info
  A QR code if you have a mobile website.
Cost:  $0.00  Included in price!

After placing your order, email your company info that you want printed on the booklet. Attach any logo or other image to include.  If we have questions we will contact you and we will send an image of the page with your info for you to OK before we print. Send to: info@glbworld.com




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