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Great fit for re-sell at any store with high school or college student customers and their parents
  college stores
  drug stores
  office supply stores
  school supply stores

For tutors or personal coaches

For fund raising by schools, classes, churches, student groups & clubs or any organization with ties to students

 Donate to local school class or public TV auction,  for a tax write off, some great PR, and with your info on the back it’s a marketing tool, too.

Give away at student orientation

Give away at recruitment fair or meeting by college, or private high school

Pocket book.  30 pages, 4.25 x 5.5 inches.  Glossy cover.  Concepts and tactics for managing personal use of time for students.  Important, useful information and easy to put to use.

Retail on our site = $3.99  They are not
price marked so you can charge any price.
Bulk Prices:

30-99 copies     $1.80 each  

100-499 copies  $1.60 each   

500+              $1.40 each   

Price includes shipping and envelope

CUSTOMIZE.  The  top half of the back cover is blank and you can leave that or you can make it your own.   You might add:
  Your business info
  A QR code if you have a mobile website.
Cost:  $0.00  Included in price!

After placing your order, email your company info that you want printed on the booklet. Attach any logo or other image to include.  If we have questions we will contact you and we will send an image of the page with your info for you to OK before we print. Send to: info@glbworld.com

Does your organization do fund raising?
Check this out.  No out of pocket for