There is Only One
Small book of short love poems.
Especially good for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day
Standard cover is at left but you can get “coffee shop” cover also
(see below)

4.25 x 5.5 inches.  28 pages.

Glossy full color cover.
Last page is blank for customer to add their thoughts.
Easy impulse sell.  No price on cover or inside.
Your cost includes shipping
You may add company info to the back cover  at no additional cost.  
Low minimum for first bulk price - 30

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There Is Only One

Download a sample pdf copy.  It’s the full book and cover so you can see what you get.

Retail on our site = $3.99  They are not
price marked so you can charge any price.
Bulk Prices:

30-99 copies     $2.05 each  

100-499 copies  $1.90 each   

500+              $1.75 each   

Your first order must be pre-paid.  Re-order for more than 200 will require a deposit. You can order with a credit card below for soonest delivery.  Or pay with check payable to GLB Worldwide,  send to GLB Worldwide  POBox 6495  Kaneohe HI  96744

Does your organization do fund raising?
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If you want a large number and have in house printing or a printer you work with we can lease the file to you and you can print as needed and cut your costs.  If you are interested, send an email to and let me know you want to print and about how many you are interested in printing over what period of  time.    You’ll have a quote in 24 hours.

After placing your order, email your company info that you want printed on the booklet and say whether you want it on the back cover, copyright page or both.  Attach any logo or other image to include.  If we have questions we will contact you and we will send an image of the page with your info for you to OK before we print. Send to:

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Like all our Simple Quick titles an online source is provided for the reader to go deeper into the subject if they wish.  Even if they never use it, they like to know it’s there.  It adds value to the book and to their source for the book, which is you.  It strengthens the bond between you and the customers so they will think of you whenever the think of the products you offer.  At date of publish this includes a 3 page pdf  of  short bios for the poets in the book.

Retail: $3.99

Price includes shipping and envelopes

Here is a short video you can put on your website.  No mention of our company, only the book.  On your site just put your store name in large letters under the video.  Play the video, and a share button will be on the top.  Click that to get the html.
    If you don’t want the video from YouTube, right click and save the link below to get the video (you will need a video player on your web site).

There is only one

Great for sales, fund raising or a give-away. See the video below and poster - yours to use!

Ideas for using this SQ book (besides store sales)

1. Free to customer/lead at your office/store
  > for coming in or joining
  > with specific or minimum purchase
  > for trying a service/product (trial)
   > for referring a friend
   > for calling
   > for signing up on your website
      (using a print copy gets you their address as well as email for future contact)
  >  or give to current customers as an appreciation gift.

2.  Give away at free related presentation to school, club, library or C of C, reading club, etc.
3. Textbook or additional reading for a study or adult ed  class.
.  Donate to local school class, church, public TV auction, or other organization for a tax write off and some great PR.
5.  Door to door or front of store fund raising for your club, private school or church.

poetryheart_poster.pdf poetrycafe_poster.pdf

Posters are free to use.  They are in pdf format and were set up for 8.5 x 14 but should easily print larger at a copy shop.  Click the image to open or right click and “save as” to get on your computer. Pdf does not have our url.

It’s a
Greeting Book